Artova is a project which merges architecture and photography, placing the descriptive and evocative capacities of the latter at the service of the former.

Created as a traditional architectural studio in the late nineties, at the turn of the millennium it turned into a company whose differentiating characteristic is the regular use of genre photography, whose properties are used as a vehicle to foster a new creativity line in architecture.

The founder of Artova, the architect Almudena Fernandez de Cordoba, driven by the idea of using the ideas and constructive solutions she had liked best during her numerous trips all over the world as inspiration, started to work with Asier Reino, a professional photographer specialised in travel, in order to complete her project.

Learning form other cultures and from their way of solving structural problems is the basis to subsequently being able to create a functional and innovative architecture, taking what was seen just as a starting or inspiring point. But this way of operating requires a very comprehensive approach study and a truthful and detailed description, not only of the constructive elements themselves, but also of all that concerns the framework in which they occur, that is, the general aesthetics, the colours, the way of life and the specific needs of the people who use these elements, as well as the cultural atmosphere and even the social and political circumstances in which these solutions have been used. Hence the use of professional photography to describe all this.

A wooden bridge in the mountainous jungle of Papua New Guinea, an Andean stable, a grain storehouse in the Sahara desert, some roman baths, an Aztec temple, a Toraja boathouse in Sulawesi, a Mongolian gher, a clay mosque in Mali, an igloo in the Finnish Lapland, a pagoda in a remote agricultural village in Thailand, an Egyptian pyramid, some majestic gardens in China, a skyscraper in the Arab Emirates, a palafite in the Venezuelan Amazon, a jetty in a coralline atoll in the Pacific, a well in an arid African village, a mountain cabin in the Chilean Patagonia, a funerary construction in the Tibet or a tin and cardboard shanty in a Brazilian favela may hide, any of them, the secret, the solution or the idea which can be later on applied to a home, a museum, a square, a station, a shopping centre or a building for tertiary uses in any of our western cities.


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Photography: Asier Reino.
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